So much has changed in the 2 years since the Independence referendum.

Across Scotland people are switching from No2Yes.

I don't think independence is a solution for all our problems nor do I believe the EU is perfect.

However I do believe Scotland is a European country and its future is better served as part of the EU rather than an increasingly isolationist and right wing UK.

Garry, Montrose

I was unsure about the ability of Scotland to deliver on the issues I was concerned about and don't feel like they answered my questions. I have much more faith in Nicola Sturgeon to led the second referendum. 

In addition I cannot ignore the promises on staying in Europe from the No campaign that have been completely broken.

Louise, Edinburgh

I don't want to live in a UK that re-elects the Tories forever and ever.

Connor, Galashiels

I was on the fence a few years ago and thought that No would be the safer vote as I didn't feel the Yes campaign had enough facts to back up their position. I am now confident that Scotland needs to be independent from Westminster to thrive the way it has the potential to.

Stephanie, Glasgow

I want to stay in the EU!

Lauren, Dunfermline

I was devastated to wake up to the news that the UK had voted to leave but Scotland had voted to remain. It couldn’t be clearer to me – suddenly it was essential to support Scottish independence in order for Scotland to remain in the EU. If that was the way we could remain part of the EU, then that was the price.

Claire Miller, Edinburgh

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